All About #Selfie - Part 2

This post is the conclusion of All About Selfie - Part 1.

One of the best entries I've seen in the ongoing "Selfie Olympics" on Twitter.
I had it edited to show my face instead. LOL! Original image from HERE.

     Hey guys, what have you been up to since my last post? Let me guess, taking more selfies? Haha, cool. Anyway, hope you're not bothering your friends will all those selfies. Though we are well within our rights to take selfie photos as much as we want, this does not mean that we also have the right to annoy our friends. We should not irritate our friends with photos that look the same, on the same setting, wearing the same clothes, and shot at the same angle. That's annoying. An article from The Huffington Post reported a study conducted in the UK which found out that excessive photo sharing makes almost everyone like you less. There should be at least some ground rules when posting #selfie photos in our social media accounts.

     Here are some guidelines that I adhere to when posting my selfies and perhaps you can use them too:

  • From your tons of selfies, choose the best ONE. Two or three might be acceptable at times specially if you want to show people your left, right and front angle -- but exceeding that is annoying for other people. If you can't control yourself and you want to post all of them (rolls eyes at this point), then just make a collage so there's just one photo to click. Be considerate. Just a reminder, a collage might work only for a while.

  • If you can't help posting selfies all the time, at least be informative and do not focus on yourself too much. Say you took a selfie while travelling, you can educate your friends about the place, tell them about the best restaurants in the area, or a funny experience that you remember while you're there. Confuse people with trivia and entertain them with your story so they won't remember that you just wanna show off a particularly nice photo of yourself. This works for most people. And your friends can appreciate the information you've provided so they will certainly tolerate you for your selfies. ☺

Uhm, hey guys! You should check out this new place I've discovered.
It's called Earth. Super awesome! LOL!

  • Be funny on your selfie. You think you look good on that photo? Combine that with some humor so your friends can appreciate not just your pretty face but your funny personality as well.

  • Be genuine on your selfie. Selfies of yourself crying? Who has time to get a selfie when you're hurting? Get outta here. 

  • Be creative and fun. Your friends will sure appreciate that.

A selfie while being chased by a bull? Hmm, clever idea but do not try this at home kids! 
Original photo from this LINK.

  • Be inspiring on your selfie. So you got a great bod, wow, post that! But instead of making other people feel insecure, help them get past their insecurity. Inspire them that just like you, with discipline, they can get that same awesome physique. Provide some pointers. You can change lives and perspectives -- you just don't know the power of a selfie. ☺

LOL! Sorry folks, that's definitely my face but NOT my body. But if I do have a body like that,
I'll probably show it off to inspire others that they too can be fit. ☺

  • A group selfie is good too. By the way, people are now calling them USie[1] (from the word US). Be aware though that it's you holding the camera so your face is definitely the biggest in there. Those who are with you on the picture will focus on their image, not too much on yours -- so they will end up liking the picture and less likely be annoyed by your face.

Yeah, me and my friends, haha!

  • A quote, specially something that genuinely came from you, may work with your selfie too. But be sure that what people see on your selfie has something to do with the quote. For example is Justin Bieber's sad selfie below:

Roses are red, violets are blue. My life would be hell, if I didn't have you. LOL!

  • Let your selfie be a way for your friends to get to know you better -- that means that your selfie must provide some sort of variety to show the different sides of you. Too much of the same things can be dull.

     That's all I can think of for now. If you have some more to add, feel free to tell me on the comments section below. Until then, have fun with your selfies!

     In conclusion for this and the first part of this article, I can say that things can either be good or bad depending on how we look at it. Attitude, that's what can make the difference. Inject some positivity in your selfies and let other people catch that vibe. A selfie can give hope and inspire. Nothing and no-one is too little to make a difference. And lastly, let your best self shine in your selfies.

Disclaimer: All the photos on this post are taken from Google Image search and some have been edited to contain the author's face. If you own the photo, please contact the blog owner at yourlook2day@yahoo.com so he can link to your site or Twitter page as tribute to your ingenuity.

[1] - http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Usie
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