We Got Bored, We Started Designing Our Own Boardshorts

     That's it -- everything you need to know about this post is on the title, LOL!  And yes, the photos that you see on here are just some of our work. We have been designing and making board shorts for myself, my brother, and for some of our friends. If you're interested to get our services, read on.

One of our latest design which is part of the Summer 2013 Collection.

     I grew up with a mother who knows how to make her own clothes and a father, though carefree as he was, still looked good with his style. I'd like to think that their legacy, apart from genes and values in life, is the right judgment when it comes to what looks good and what doesn't.

A close up of one of our designs.  Our board shorts use the usual microfiber polyester fabric
that's quick drying, lightweight, soft to touch, and most importantly, comfortable to wear.

The closure is a combination of velcro and drawstrings.  Some designs have side pockets and if there's a back pocket, we don't put a drain hole anymore. But if you're a surfer and wants to have a drain hole, we'll put it there for you.

     I'm not saying that I don't commit fashion errors, in fact I do. What I'm saying, if in fact I'm saying something, is that I recognize my weaknesses and learn to work around it so I can always be at my best. I may not know everything about fashion but I try to learn those that concerns me or my brother. Somehow, that has become one of my principles in life that I try to extend outside myself so I can positively influence those that needs mentoring. It is also the kind of principle that I adhere to now that my brother and I have started designing and making board shorts for our friends.

We usually design for friends.  They give us their measurements and when they can't pick a style from the
available choices then we make a new design.  This is the first for  the Summer 2013 Collection.

This is one of my favorites from our first batch that I wear even when I'm just hanging out
with friends. You can check some of our previous work from our facebook page.

      Folks, this is what my brother and I have been doing since October last year (about the time that I took time off from blogging). We've been designing board shorts and so far, have been hearing positive feedback from our relatively small group of clients. We're not going big on this, we just wanna try to make some people happy if they wear the right kind of board shorts when going swimming, wake boarding or surfing.  We don't charge much either, just enough to return the investment that we pay for the materials and the manpower. If you want to learn more, just send me an email or message me on ym: yourlook2day@yahoo.com.

     For some more of our designs, visit and like our facebook page.  Enjoy the photos and let us know if you see anything you like. Hope to hear from you soon!
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Francis Balgos said...

I like these designs, the stitches look well made..
Iid like to see more designs, and if I can order, I need one with drain hole.
Yes, I do surf! :)
This is really interesting.

Bino said...

uy ang ganda ng designs! will check out the page

dash solas said...

congratulations on your business myke, I agree with francis on the previous comment, the stitches looks great. ill buy 1 for sure.keep it up. excited to see some more stuff.

frenzy guy said...

Asan na kaya yung SHORTS? ko.. hahaha..

Love Always said...

wow..i like your skills

Michael Macalos said...

wow! cool designs bro :))
Great job!!

Michael Macalos

Icah Banjarmasin said...

Hello my brothers MICH..how are you?
I do not have time to visit you here..keep in touch.

KT's lifestyle said...

nice! I also like customizing my clothes.

KT http://ktlifestyle.blogspot.com/

Anthonie Eka said...

I like your design, i hope your bussiness will success forever, nice job :)

cahyo jm said...

wow very good,,thank you for your visit :)

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