Why Choose the Right Shoes?

     Part of getting your look right is having the right shoes.  You can ruin a seriously fly style by wearing a beaten up pair of shoes.  You might be surprised at how many people will judge you on what you have on your feet.  Not that you mind what they say, but shouldn't you be mindful of what you wear?

     Finding the perfect footwear can be a bit challenging.  But if you buy the right pair, the classic ones can last for ages and will not go out of fashion for a long time. Proof of that is how it is very trendy to have leather shoes, at any point in time.

     Leather shoes are considered to be a timeless fashion necessity.  Trainers are well and good but they simply do not say style like leather or even suede!  Check out Rieker Shoes - from Edward Meeks which is a good stockist to go to as they have a wide collection and they do free delivery too.  All of their shoes are designed to look good and feel good.  The photos on this post are just some of what's in their collection.  And because they have a mix of high tops, laced brogues and slippers, you can be flexible with your style as  they can be paired with almost anything on your wardrobe.


     Footwear should be the last part of an outfit but this does not mean you can wear just any old thing.  A really nice pair of shoes is not just a good investment, but it also defines who you are.  With proper care, your shoes can be worn in style for quite a long time.  And yeah, having comfortable shoes is just as important as getting the style right.  So, take the time to choose the best walkers, look around, do some test drive and strut your stuff in style.  Because you just never know where your pair  of shoes will lead you.  Have fun!

*This is a guest post from Francis Gabriel, a freelance fashion journalist working in the UK.
*Co-written by yourlooktoday.com
*Images were provided by the guest writer.
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