Jessica Sanchez, MY American Idol

     I was thinking of stuff to write about this sixteen year old girl from San Diego, California -- yet I'm at a loss for words to describe how talented she is.  I'm listening to her video in the background as I type and all I can say is -- this girl can really sing! (Sorry, needed to borrow this line from Randy Jackson).  While enjoying her music, I turned to Wikipedia for some quick facts about Jessica Sanchez.
Name:  Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez
Birthday:  August 4, 1995
Dad:  Gilbert Sanchez, Mexican-American from Texas
Mom:  Editha Bugay Sanchez, Filipino from Bataan, Philippines

Career Highlights:
  • At age 10, a standing ovation performance of Aretha Franklin's "Respect" on the Showtime at the Apollo where host Whoopi Goldberg called her back again on stage for another round of applause.
  • At age 11, competed on the first season of America's Got Talent though she didn't make it to the semi-finals.
  • On September 22, 2008, sang The Star-Spangled Banner on NFL and once again on September 27, 2009.
  • In 2009, released on iTunes her cover of Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music" and the following spring, another single, this time a cover of Etta James' "I'd Rather Go Blind."
  • In 2010, Jessica was one of the singers in "We Are the World 25 for Haiti (YouTube Edition)."
     Jessica Sanchez, as of writing this post, is currently on the top 5 of American Idol Season 11.  It can be noted that on the Top 7 performance week, Jessica got the lowest number of votes and was in danger of being eliminated though however was dramatically saved by the judges.  Since season 8 of this talent search, the judges have been given the power to save an idol from being kicked out of the competition.  The save can only be used once and only before top five.  Jessica is officially the first female and the fourth finalist to be saved from elimination in all of American Idol history.

     In my opinion, Jessica is growing tremendously as an artist -- and with the support she's getting from around the world, she will definitely become a superstar.  Her mentors are quick enough to point out the stuff that she needs to work on, and she gets right into it while maintaining who she is as an artist.  As I review her videos, I was quick to notice that Jessica Sanchez is a becoming a better version of herself in every performance.  I can't wait as she sings her own songs and records her own albums.  For the meantime, let's enjoy her covers of some of the greatest songs and relive their meaning through Jessica's awesome interpretation.

     I will end this post with her Top 6 Performance on American Idol.  Listen closely and be touched by a voice that can be as soft as heaven or as fierce as a tiger's growl.  Jessica is a PRO at such a young age and it's amazing how she has control over her voice even if the notes are as high as the ceiling -- heck, even her low registers are a spot on.
     I do hope that America will vote for her.  And whether or not she makes it, Jessica Sanchez IS my American Idol.  It doesn't really matter where she comes from, what matters more is the talent that she's willing to share with us.  Besides, this world is big enough to make room for a Jessica Sanchez who will inspire us through her music, her soul, and her voice.

     Thank you guys for visiting my blog.  See you all on my next post!

UPDATE, May 17, 2012:  Jessica Sanchez is Top 2 American Idol and she will be battling for the title against Phillip Phillips.  Read more HERE.

UPDATE, May 24, 2012:  Phillip Phillips was crowned American Idol for season 11 and Jessica Sanchez landed the runner up.  Read more HERE.

*Information about Jessica Sanchez taken from Wikipedia.
*Photo taken from American Idol official website.
*Video taken from American Idol Official YouTube Channel.


rona said...

At first, I thought that she was just overrated by the judges. But then, when I listened to her everytime American idol is on, I was stunned by her big and powerful voice! No wonder and no doubt that the judges saved her the last time. I particularly love her rendition of stuttering ba yon? Basta the title merong stutter. She's even better than Sarah G, na isa din sa hinahangaan kong magperform. And mind you, they seem to look like each other na din. Pansin mo?

Nice post mike! We're really hoping that she'll win! Another pride of the Philippines. When I was in Taiwan, they said that Filipinos are really good in singing. Bravo and mabuhay!

Marco | The Soul Explorer said...

She has a powerful voice! I wish she will be the next American Idol. :)

Mac Callister said...

im so proud of her! every performance gives me goosebumps!

lets support jessica :-)

Abeg Oth said...

Congrat and support Jessica, have a nice weekend, Mike.

Yen said...

Another Pinay to show the world how talented Filipino's are :) Cheers!

clark lost said...

I think there are people with a knack - is a spiritual gift that goes beyond what we can explain!
Jessica Sanchez is undoubtedly one of those cases! A fabulous voice!
Congratulations on your beautiful post!
A big hug, my friend!

Jessica said...

God Bless Jessica :)

Sam D. said...

I salute you dear you did a great job on your research. I wish she'll win.

Mayet said...

I have seen her youtube videos when she was little--really good!!;)


WYYC said...

following you.

Ropink M said...

visit guys, thanks u

JC said...

Jessica is freaking hot!

The computer Master said...

Wow, She's good but Phillip is better!

ardee sean said...

siya rin talaga bet ko.. heheh

Tokoh-Tokoh Dunia_sofyan said...

cantik skali nih cewek...
jd pngen punya istri kyak gini,,,

Tokoh-Tokoh Dunia_sofyan said...

i like u

apple said...

Jessica is a Philippines pride. She deserves to win. If ever, she will be the first Filipino to win on this competition, hope she can do it.

Philippines News Today

onie said...

Great performance

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