5 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

     It's summer! -- and to those who love the sun and the beach, here's a short list of summer essentials to keep your cool under the warm sunny weather.


     The exceptionally hotter sun needs to be shut out so use sunblock and reapply as needed to keep your skin protected.   Reapplying sunblock should be done every hour says Dra. Vicky Belo on this article.  A thing of note about skin care:  even if it's not summer, the skin needs protection from the sun as UV rays can damage the skin causing darkening and premature aging.

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     A good sunscreen should have both UVA and UVB protection.   Higher SPF can protect you from UVB rays:  SPF15 is good for daily use, while SPF30 or higher for prolonged sun exposure.  For the more destructive UVA rays (think wrinkles and leathery skin, that's what they do), check your brand for ingredients like titanium oxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone (Parsol 1789), Mexoryl SX and Tinosorband as these are the stuff effective in blocking them.  Plus, no sunscreen is truly waterproof -- they usually adhere to the skin from 40 minutes to 80 at most -- so reapply every hour.

Read more about sunblocks from this LINK.
Know the difference between UVA and UVB rays HERE.


     Pile up your diet with fruits like apples, bananas, grapes, pears, peaches, watermelon, and oranges because they have high water content and will help cool down your body says this old article from ABS-CBNnews.com.  

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     Cool foods (which includes fruits, vegetables and fish) only takes around 15 to 60 minutes to digest, as compared to warm foods (those that have more carbs and probably fatty, baked, or deep-fried) that takes longer time to be digested.  The longer time it takes for the food to digest, the more energy it needs thus making the body expend more heat and water.  So stay cool by eating right!


     Our body is 2/3 water, and from head to toe, we need water to function properly.  Water is still the best way to keep our sanity, to be healthy and to keep it cool this hot hot summer.  Regulate your body temperature, drink water fellas!

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Read more on the health benefits of water on this LINK.


     The eyes are the windows to the soul, yeah whatever, and so they need to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.  Too much sun exposure can cause cataracts and other eye problems so bling it on with your UV protected sunglasses.  Invest on a good pair of sunglasses that blocks 99-100% of the sun's UVA and UVB rays and look cool too.

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Read more about caring for your eyes from this LINK.


     It's hot, and it's not just you by the way.  Let the skin breathe by choosing lighter fabrics such as cotton which is made of natural fiber that's breathable and allows air circulation in the body.

     Cotton absorbs and lets sweat evaporate better.  Choose the right colors too!  Though white is still the best for summer, other pastel colors like blue, light green, and pink are also great colors for the warm summer sun.  Stay away from black or dark colors as they absorb light and heat.

Get some more tips from this LINK.

     With this check list and your hot bod, I hope you guys are ready for the summer!  Thanks for reading and see you all on my next post!

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*Facts were gathered from the Internet with a link back to the source within the article.
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Francis Balgos said...

noted! :)
I thought I'd miss the heat of the summer.

roffe said...

No summer heat here up north...

KM said...

Hi Myke! How's summer over there? The heat is on na ba talaga? ;) Thanks for sharing these tips. You're right, walang waterproofed na sunblock kaya ang trick talaga is to apply as often as you need :) Enjoy your summer, Mister Wanderer!

Balut said...

nice post. perfect at super init kapatid neh? kahapon nag Vicita Iglesia ako sumalosep sakripisyo talaga.

panalo yung 1st pic ;)

clark lost said...

Hi, Myke!
Thank you very much, for the kind comments left on my blog!
I see in you a person of refined spirituality.

I'm here to wish you a great night of goog Saturday and a Wonderful Easter.

The message I have left is:
"We can restart ... We can rise from the ashes ... Today is the first day of the rest of our lives!"

A Big Hug, my Friend ... Take care!

ardee sean said...

great post.. Thanks fashion guru, this is well noted.. keep it up..

~~oOpEt~~ said...

sedap nmpk buah tembikai tu.. hehe

El3kTr0 said...

Im go to follow your advices!!!

RoPinK said...

morning guys, visit here :)

Michael said...

@Francis, @roffe - thank you guys!

@KM - Summer is definitely on. Whew!

@Balut - haha, thanks! You sure tho? The first picture is ME, LOL!

@clark lost - thanks Clark! I only speak the truth because it's easier to address people that way.

@ardee sean - thanks man!

@oOpEt, @El3kTr0, @RoPinK - thank you guys!

Marco | The Soul Explorer said...

Nong! Pwede ka ng maging guru. Hehe!

RoPinK said...

visit here friend :)

Michael said...

@Marco | The Soul Explorer - haha, thanks nong!

@RoPinK - thank you ☺

Francis Balgos said...

Sure I like summer fun..
maybe lessen the heat though..
super maalinsangan!

amransyah m. satali said...

Im go to follow your advices!!!

Michael said...

@Francis Balgos - Hey Francis! Couldn't agree more, it's just too hot lately.

@amransyah m. satali - Go ahead bro! And thanks for the visit. ☺

roffe said...

Still no heat here in Norway..

Michael said...

@roffe - I will move to Norway, LOL!

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