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     Fitness and health probably tops the list of the toughest challenges many people, myself included, has to struggle with at one point or another.  In fact, I hear individuals constantly talk about fitness but has never gotten round to doing it.  There are those who started going to the gym, and then eventually lost interest because they lack the motivation or has become impatient for not seeing any result.  That's how tough it really is.  Well, for most of us at least.

The Times

     We are in an age of technological revolution and fitness is one to benefit from these advancements.  The Internet alone is rich in resources and contains plenty of effective weight loss tips that's within our reach in a click of a button.  The tougher task now is to finally decide when to start and why.

     The first step I took when I finally decided to start my road to fitness is to find my motivation.  I looked around and observed.  The happier, more confident people are those who are fit, healthy and lives a balanced life.  And when I look at older people, the ones who enjoy life better are those who've spent extra effort during their younger years to be fit and healthy as well.  I then told myself, this is who I wanna become.  This is an investment I have to put effort on so that I can live my present and make the future, well, just better I suppose.  Deciding to be fit and healthy is an effort I have to do for myself and for the people I care for.

In Macau, year 2005 and straight from college
with a beer belly.  My old out-of-shape self.
The Past

     I was not exactly overweight but there was once a point when I needed to lose weight, and I needed to lose weight fast!  I was wearing size 36 pants six years ago and fortunately wearing huge pants that time was among the cool things for guys like me.  But I don't see myself going back to my old out-of-shape self because I have a full understanding now of the benefits of being fit, being healthy and now I know how to keep myself that way.  I may falter at times, but I know that it will be easy for me to get back on track because it's a goal I've set for myself.

The Challenge

Just wanna share with you some of the things I have learned:
  1. Find your REASON for wanting to be fit and develop a positive attitude towards it.  Along with the attitude is the self discipline and the motivation to stay focused on the goal.  This is probably the hardest but when we have the right reason, this part becomes the easiest.

  2. READ. Be informed.  Magazines, books and the Internet are among the many resources at your disposal.  There are many effective fast weight loss programs available, and you can decide which one will work for you.  Read testimonials from satisfied clients, you have nothing to lose except probably tons of baby fats.

  3. November 2010, I'm not exactly in tip-top shape
    but I can sport any look I want.
  4. Eat a BALANCED MEAL and enjoy thoroughly your food by chewing it well.

    1. Eat your meals on time and eat in moderation for a healthy metabolism.  The ideal is to eat every 3 hours.  Skipping meals or longer period between meals can slow down metabolism.  Slower metabolism means you getting fat in shorter time because your body does not burn calories as fast as it needs to.

    2. Eat vegetables and fruits of all sorts!  They have the nutrients our body needs and are made mostly of water so they're non-fattening and they make us feel full without the guilt.

    3. Cook your food right.  Boiling will leech out important nutrients from vegetables, and steaming for too long destroys some of the vital antioxidant compounds within vegetables such as Sulforaphanes in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.  Light steaming for 2-3 minutes is the best way to cook our food.

    4. Reduce intake of unhealthy fats -- saturated and particularly trans fat are known to increase cholesterol levels.  Thus, limit consumption of processed and fatty foods, choose low fat dairy products when you can, and trim any excess fat from meat and skin from poultry before cooking.  Use healthy fats when cooking such as olive oil, canola oil and grapeseed oil and replace butter or margarine with avocado and flaxseed oil.

    5. Add fibre and whole grains to your diet -- oats, barley, quinoa, beans and lentils, nuts, and seeds and fruits.

  5. Sip on WATER.  Yeah, this is old news but it's been proven that even slight dehydration slows down metabolism.  We gotta take care of our metabolism.

  6. EXERCISE regularly!

    1. Include physical activity in your routine.  If you can walk to go someplace, then walk.  If you can clean your room, then do so.  Help around the house a bit.  And here's something I learned from my dad:  use your negative energy to do something positive.  If my dad is mad at someone, he does chores around the house to release the negative stuff.  He feels better afterwards.

    2. Find a buddy who shares the same fitness interest, makes workout more enjoyable and it becomes your bonding time.

    3. Monitor your progress.  When I see I'm improving, I become more and more motivated.

  7. Rest well.  Get enough hours of SLEEP and discipline yourself to go to bed and wake up at regular times on a daily basis.

  8. CONSULT a professional.  Ask your doctor or your personal trainer.  These people spent years studying health and fitness, there's no reason why you can't trust them.
2011, almost 2 weeks ago.  I wanna keep my lean build
and maybe build some muscles a bit.  Still a work in progress.
     Being fit means we're healthy.  And if we're healthy, we live longer, we enjoy life better.  If we understand this simple reason well enough, we don't need to reach that point when it's already too late for us to decide being healthy.

     I'm far from my goal of being fit, my fitness journey is still far from over.  But I'm glad that I've decided to take the challenge and I hope that you guys will take it too.

     Thanks for reading!  Until my next post.
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kidzgrowfast said...

Very helpful tips and you really have an inspiring story. Good read and keep on inspiring us.

Aria said...

very informative post. Great job on losing the unwanted lbs and living healthy :)

I, too, had weight problems early this year. Being rather delicately build all my life, I wasn't aware that I was actually gaining A LOT of weight, until I saw a picture of mine at a party I attended. It was far from pretty. However, what nailed the coffin shut was the fact that I could no longer even zip my favorite dress halfway up! It was a wakeup call. I was on a very low calorie diet for a while (I couldn't really work out because my knee got injured this year, as well, and it's still "out of order"). I ditched the junk food and it paid off. Now my clothes fit me again... in fact, they're a tad bigger. :)

Simurgh said...

I agree on all counts..
My work out habit is irregular..
But I've reach a point were my body tells me to work out.. Say I'm missing the muscle pains.
So I then drag myself to the gym or take an early morning jog at the fort.

One thing I learned, after hitting the gym.
Sleep is very much vital as it help better the muscles development and ur body can regenerate fast.. and ur brain too. :)

I like this post! Makes me inspired to be more active.

danes said...

Good read. Go for the healthy living! happy weekend!

clark lost said...

Hey, Myke! How are you?
Here is a beautiful sunny morning!
Friend! I can not to see you with overweight ... You really have a great style!
Have a nice day!
Thanks for your presence!

Cmte. Valter said...

Hello my friend, thank you very much for your visit, good weekend with peace & happiness. Hugs Valter.

Jennifer said...

you look good :)

lina@home sweet home said...

Wow, I can see the differences well. You've done great jobs in losing weight for the past few years. Salute to you, Myke!

Thanks for the tips. Hope I can practice them all.
About the cat breed in my post, the cat is a local race.

Ron said...

blog walking myke :D

Camelia K. said...

Hello Michael,

I enjoyed reading through your article. If only more people thought like you, the world would be filled with much healthier and happier individuals.

One does not often read that ‘a reason’ is at the root of all achievement. I keep referring to a need to have a reason before anything can be achieved. People can be told time and time again how much better they would feel if they stopped drinking, started eating more sensibly, or took up an exercise program of their interest, however, the will to do something about these has to come from the person who would benefit from an improvement.

Another essential key you mentioned is that of being informed. It is not necessary to get a PhD. Basic nutritional facts will go a long way.

The same goes for exercise. ... and then there is the Internet. It contains so much information. It is possible to get stuck only if one does not know how to search for an answer.

Michael, it is easy to relate to you as you are so genuine. Keep up the good work, and I have no doubt that you will reach your ultimate goal.

I wish you well,

Camelia K.

CahNdeso said...

I will be just like you, but I feel: I can't do that! Good luck and be happy, Guys.

ArdiaNz said...

Nice info my best friend
visit back

LUSTY SAE said...


Hendry Blogspot said...

nice post, and inspirative ..

youdie said...

nice blog :), support for ur blog, please support back :)


Yen said...

Health and fitness super like ! :)

JC said...

Cool post! Is this one of the paid posts that you do occasionally?

CleverMunkey ® said...

good tips! thanks for sharing! :D

Learn And Earn said...

Great tips kabayan ... thanks for visit

Si Inong ay ako said...

Been here!
Such a cool place!
Anyway I'm Inong your new blog follower!

God Bless you more power!

kim said...

I can SO RELATE to this post, lol!

Jennifer said...

blog walking ♥

Yolah Store said...

hi... i have LIKE your blog's facebook page.

Rinko said...

Thanks for the tips. Hope I can practice them all.

mobiljitu said...

It was 5 years ago for my last body builder with fitness. So sad, i dont have time for fitnes anymore. Cheer

Brilli Healthy said...

many people know that exercise is good for health but few people are willing to do it... hmmmm

Marco said...

Congrats to you bro!

Ron said...

you look totally amazing bro...:)

Miss Froggi said...

visit n follow ur blog...plz follow me back....:)

Mss Ieza said...

OMG ! nice tips :D

Michael said...

Hey guys, thank you for the visit and the comments. I appreciate them a lot. Enjoy the coming week ahead!

Nil said...

Hey..Myke..your conciousness of health is good. I like it.

Riefs Supratman said...

nice content! keep blogging!
support night by me...

clark lost said...

Today is Monday ... starts all over again!
I work in a factory and Sometimes I eat too much!
Actually everyone eats too much ... ahaha.
The Brazilians have this tradition and on weekends it's worse ... eat more! I confess ... I'm overweight! ahahaha

t3ch said...

Myke, whats up with this? You trying to steal my thunder? LOL Actually a great post. If I am ever in Manila and have some spare time, we will hit the gym. See how much we can lift! ARRRRRR

Anyways, great post, keep up the good work.


@rem4nia said...

nice post guys..

Michael said...

Hey guys, thanks for the visit!

t3ch (35) - Wahhhh! Haha, I'm not sure if I'm up for the challenge. But I will go with you to the gym to get pointers from you. LOL!

covalimawati said...

wow.. great sharing.. very inspiring.. :)

Cmte. Valter said...

Hello my friend Myke, happy Friday with peace and happiness, thank you very much for the visit. Hugs Valter.

Riefz said...

keep blogging friend!


nice blog

yanalee fauzy said...

oh . you cannot understand eh what i post in my blog ? sorry . i can't speak english very well . HAHA

yanalee fauzy said...

thank youu . you pun take care okay ? hope youu happy always for this weekend . hihi

Mommy Liz said...

Alam ko na kung bakit minsan di nag go go through ang comment ko dito, kasi gawa ng verification words na akala ko eh wala. Oh well..Kasi may comment ako dito dati pa eh.

To be able to reach your goal of getting healthy and fit, will and determination lang ang kailangan. I treid so many times to do exercise and stuff, but, I am weak and I am only good for a week of walking, dancing and ek ek. Mahirap kayang magpapawis :)

Michael said...

Hello Mommy Liz! Yes ma'am, we need to properly motivated and with that comes determination and goal. ☺

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